Warehouse space vs. industrial space – what are the differences?

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Date: August 10, 2020

Most people presume that there is no difference between warehouse space and industrial space. But boy are they wrong.

The truth is – many people are confused when it comes to differentiating these two types of space. The difference is how space will be used and the level of occupancy on behalf of the tenant.

Let’s take a closer look at the dissimilarities, so when you’re looking for warehouse space don’t end up confounding it for an industrial one.

What is a warehouse space?

Just think of storage space and you will realize that it’s what warehouse space is all about. But when you take that thought and expound it, you’ll see that warehouse spaces offer so much more than just space where you can pile boxes.

In warehousing parlance, you have to understand that software, machinery, and your employees must all work smoothly and with fewer errors. 

What is industrial space?

Industrial space couldn’t be further from warehouse space, even though these terms are often used interchangeably. Industrial space may come in the shape of a warehouse, but it’s not a rule. Industrial space essentially space where a business can manufacture, assemble, fabricate, and have employees conduct meetings

Industrial space for lease should be manipulated by a manager who will keep in mind every aspect of business operations. 

In summary, it is a property that a business occupies and operates out of. Basically a combination of office and warehouse space. 

Why does the difference matter?

Knowing the difference between industrial and warehouse spaces can help you find out which one is best suited for your company and operations. It’s not uncommon to see or find warehouse space being rented instead of industrial space, due to not knowing the difference between the two. 

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you rented more space than you need, or even worse – renting a space that is not big enough and trying to squeeze in all business operations where the job can get congested and employees suffocate in the small space. That’s why the answer to the question of how much warehouse space do I need – is crucial.

When should you choose warehouse spaces?

It may sound like a crazy idea but turning a warehouse into an office is quite smart. There are many companies looking for warehouse space to convert into unusual creative offices.  Just think of it this way – a warehouse office space can be more open to creativity, and we’re not talking just about the beautifying space.

Warehouse office space can stimulate the working environment and increase employee’s performances, based on what industry you are operating within. That is why we ask ourselves the question – how much warehouse space do I need – in order to help us find warehouse spaces suited to our needs.

When should you choose industrial space?

Industrial space should be your choice if you have several types of business operations that you want to be performed in the same place.

Oftentimes warehouses are not big enough to accommodate all the needs in this case and the industrial space is simply a better option. You can put one department in one room and another in the additional space when you opt for industrial warehouse space. 

Industrial warehouse space comes with the possibility of renting out individual spaces to tenants. Space can always be allocated for certain tenants, depending on their terms and demands

Should you lease or buy office and warehouse space?

Now that you know the difference, the next logical question that arises is: do you lease or buy the space? Our experience says that many business owners and companies looking for warehouse space have seen more benefits from leasing warehouses instead of buying one.

The sole reason for this is that when you choose a warehouse or industrial space for lease, you can sign the terms of the lease or make use of the space in long or short periods of time, whichever suits you best and brings the most advantages.

Knowing the differences between warehouse office space and industrial office space can save businesses a bundle, so get informed on time and choose what’s the best for your company and its operations.