Healthcare specialists

Our healthcare specialists cater to medical professionals, working alongside investors, facility owners, and research laboratories to find opportunities to grow their interests and meet strategic needs.

We understand the unique real estate and financial requirements of healthcare providers professionals and how to maximize value for our clients. IPG has experience working with every type of healthcare specialty and in each of the main property types: Office, Medical Office, Hospital Campus, Retail and Mixed-Use.

Dental Real Estate Service

At IPG we understand the unique needs of dental professionals. As your dental real estate experts, we handle every detail of your transaction. We specialize in site selection, purchase versus lease evaluation, lease analysis and timeline management. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the most beneficial terms for your business resulting in improved operations and enhanced performance. Along with saving you money, we save you a significant amount of valuable time.

IPG Dental Expertise

Our breadth of expertise allows us to understand the unique needs and requirements associated with every type of dental office. As an advocate, we create leverage in the transaction while guiding you through the negotiation process. Whether you are opening your very first dental office, renegotiating an existing lease, purchasing a practice, or looking to move, IPG dental real estate experts will make sure your interests are put first and represented at top level.

Healthcare real estate services


Our chiropractic real estate experts have a proven track record of helping Chiropractors avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes, while maximizing their time, impact and efficiency. We specialize in assessing the advantages and disadvantages of office vs. retail vs. medical space for Chiropractors. Our chiropractic real estate services also include a comprehensive purchase vs. lease analysis that will clearly outline your most favorable options along with a detailed strategy to execute your best opportunity.


As your dental real estate experts, we handle every facet of your transaction, including site selection, purchase vs. lease evaluation, lease analysis, timeline management and more. Our expert commercial real estate services and skilled negotiating ensure you obtain the most favorable terms and concessions possible, while saving a significant amount of your valuable time.


Our rich background in NCAA, Olympic and many professional sports, in combination with our real estate expertise, make us the perfect choice when it comes to fitness properties. Location, facilities, neighboring tenants and uses, and economic terms play a major role in the success and profitability of Gyms and Fitness Centers.


Therapy offices have several unique aspects that differ from traditional medical offices. At IPG, we have extensive experience representing physical therapists, occupational therapists, emotional and professional therapists and more. We understand how to best evaluate office vs. retail, purchase vs. lease and the affect that various qualities of properties, layouts and sizes of spaces have on a practice’s efficiency and profitability. Whether you are looking for a 1,000 SF satellite office or a 10,000 SF facility, we will guide you to the best location possible while negotiating the most favorable terms. If you are already occupying your ideal location and space, our therapy real estate experts will help you capitalize on your next lease renewal negotiation. Along the way, our commercial real estate services we will save you a significant amount of time and connect you with the most qualified industry partners to complete your team.


Our extensive veterinary real estate services encompass a wide variety of sizes and types of commercial real estate transactions. We understand sound proofing, relief areas, private exits for families of euthanized patients, boarding, surgery suites, requirements of specialists and everything in between. Commercial real estate is typically a veterinary practice’s 2nd or 3rd highest expense behind payroll. With this much at stake, you can trust your commercial real estate needs to IPG’s veterinary real estate experts.

Vision care

At IPG, we specialize in representing Vision Care providers with all their healthcare real estate needs. Our vision care real estate experts have extensive experience negotiating and advocating for Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Vision Therapists, Lasik Specialists. We understand how the layout of exam lanes, presentation of the optical and ability to incorporate new technologies into the office affects efficiency and profitability. Vision Care providers trust IPG to save them a substantial amount of time and money, while avoiding pitfalls, and ensuring their interests are always first.

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