Industrial and Logistics

Develop, lease, manage or invest in industrial properties. Streamline your supply chain to boost your business and achieve your goals with ease.

Acquiring strategically placed industrial real estate is vital for staying competitive in today’s environment. The way you choose the best location, select suitable facilities, and refine your distribution network is evolving due to shifts in consumer preferences that reshape supply chain strategies.

Almost 80% of operating expenses can be attributed to logistics costs, making collaborating with a knowledgeable real estate ally who comprehends your distinct hurdles crucial. Our integrated supply chain proficiency, informed market insights and technology driven by data provide a comprehensive solution to enhance efficiency, cut expenses, and unleash business potential.


Our warehousing solutions cater to diverse needs, offering options for rent, sale, and investment. With a client-focused approach, we collaborate seamlessly with buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants to navigate the dynamic market landscape. Whether you’re seeking optimal spaces or looking to maximize returns, our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient warehousing experience.


A business simply cannot operate if customers don’t receive their shipments on time. IPG’s transportation and logistics team is well-versed in today’s transport and logistics needs and has facilitated multitudes of real estate solutions to benefit shipping and warehousing companies. Bottom line, when it comes to transport and logistics in real estate we know what you need. We will help you identify the right deals so you can move forward with confidence.

Our team has an international focus, giving you unmatched value in the supply chain, shipping, energy enterprises.

Ready to expand?

At IPG, we specialize in crafting tailored industrial and logistics spaces that drive success. Whether you’re a property manager seeking to enhance your portfolio or a company owner looking to optimize operations, our expertise ensures you’ll find the perfect space to thrive.

Unlock the door to boundless possibilities with IPG. Your future workspace is just a click away. Let’s redefine space together.

Transport and Logistics services

  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Build-to-Suit Analysis
  • International Supply Chain Consulting
  • Lease, Purchase, or Sale Negotiations
  • Fair Market Value Analysis
  • Land Assemblages
  • Drayage Analysis
  • FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) Consulting
  • Incentive Consultation
  • Hours of Service Legislation
  • And Much More