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Technology-based clients are more varied than virtually any other sector. Dynamic and constantly evolving, needs to revolve around regulatory frameworks, security, and innovation. To meet these requirements, real estate advisors in this sector must be nimble and ready to pivot.

We help our clients navigate the myriad challenges at the nexus of technology and real estate. We streamline property portfolios for maximum flexibility and efficiency and can satisfy specific property requirements as part of a one-off transaction.

In this sector, flexibility is critical. We know that the requirements of your organization is vastly different from others and will work hard to identify the best possible solutions for your needs. Finally, our advisors will explain all your options clearly so that you can make the most intelligent real estate decision based on your unique situation.

Technology services

Technology Real Estate Consultants

From analyzing property locations to due diligence involved in mergers and acquisitions, we help you achieve your goals while reducing the risk inherent in real estate transactions.

Global Lease Administration

To minimize the risks involved with global real estate leasing, we apply the most accurate and up-to-date business data to ensure you realize your strategic corporate goals.

Transaction Management

We simplify and streamline transaction management, making the process as easy as possible for all stakeholders. Whether we are involved in property searches, local or international relocations, or renewing a lease, you can count on peace of mind and a trusted advisor who is always looking out for your best interests.

Program and Project Management

Our program and project managers work hard to ensure your projects are completed within your timelines, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management team provides best-in-class service for organizations at the top of their game. We work with you to design a program that covers all the bases and lands within your desired budget.

Valuation, Lease Advisory, and Property Management

The ever-changing international real estate and leasing market has its own unique challenges. Your best chance of success is to work with a company like IPG whose experience and understanding give you the competitive edge you need to stay on top.