Bespoke Client Services


Design in commercial real estate is not just about aesthetics. It's about creating functional, sustainable, and inspiring spaces that enhance productivity and well-being.

Commercial Construction Services

Are you looking to take a commercial build project to the next level? We specialize in delivering excellence through our amazing commitment to detail and unwavering dedication.

Tenant Services

The impact real estate has on your business is significant. However, the process of identifying and acquiring the ideal property can be a challenging, time consuming, and costly process. This is where Innovation Properties Group comes in.

Landlord Services

As most of us know, owning real property is a wise investment and a positive annuity. However, this presents its own unique challenges.

Laboratory space

Do you need laboratory space for rent or lease, or are you more interested in a lab building of your own? Our commercial real estate experts are here to help you excel in science.

Site Selection Services

Selecting a new campus or site for your business can be challenging. From regulatory frameworks to your own timeline and financial objectives, working with IPG assures peace of mind.

Asset management

Managing a property is a time-and-resource consuming endeavor. The endless phone calls, negotiations, and meetings, and maintaining the integrity of the budget along project timelines – all while keeping your tenants happy – whew!

Development Services

IPG’s development clientele include every kind of business, from middle-stage tech companies to institutional landlords, public institutions, research corporations, and domestic municipalities.

Sustainability Services

IPG provides sustainability solutions to our clients on a global scale.

IPG Innovation Studio

FOCUS Innovation Studio offers IPG's clients expansion and holdover space in the event our clients need extra space before or during their relocation.

Women’s Innovation Network

WIN (Women Innovation Network) is a group of dedicated and savvy women who are devoted to bringing women-owned and operated businesses to the next level.