Sustainability has become a major concern for commercial developers. The environmental impact of CRE buildings has been felt for years, and IPG is leading the way in sustainable real estate.

Sustainability in real estate can refer to anything from energy efficiency in a building, to the health and wellbeing of its occupants. To ensure sustainability becomes an integral part of every building project they work on, our organization offers comprehensive sustainability services. These include sustainable real estate consulting services such as WELL or LEED certification throughout the entire construction process.

Our sustainability goals are achieved by working with advanced project management and interior design software, focusing not just on the built environment but also on improving the overall well-being of the building occupants. As experts in the WELL Building Standard, our sustainability team assists projects of all typologies, making sustainability an essential component of every construction project we take on.

Site Selection Within Sustainable Real Estate

At IPG, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to your real estate needs. From site selection to acquisition, we have extensive experience in a variety of projects including utility-scale solar projects, landfill cap sites, and mixed-use centers. 

Our team of experts draws upon a national network of land agents to provide you with unparalleled expertise and support, whether it’s finding that perfect piece of land or negotiating those difficult real estate transactions. 

With IPG, you can trust that we have the know-how and the resources to assist you in achieving your goals, no matter how complex they may be.

Sustainable real estate site selection service includes

  • Site leasing
  • Purchase/lease options
  • Fee purchases
  • Complex negotiations
  • Easement negotiations
  • Construction cost estimates & budgeting
  • Recordation of real property instruments
  • Document preparation


Sustainability in Real Estate: Due Diligence

When buying or lending on a real property, potential risks can be minimized by engaging in due diligence. This process assesses whether the property has title defects, development constraints or any other potentially fatal flaws as well as determine the cost for correcting any that are identified.

Our due diligence services cater to all of these needs, providing an overview of a specific property’s conditions and helping to minimize both transaction risk and our clients’ investment. By customizing our services to the particular project customers are working on, we can ensure the most efficient and successful outcome.

We offer customized services that match each project’s unique requirements. 

Our services range from land development analysis, development cost estimation, and budgetary analysis to desktop fatal flaw analysis, GIS constraints mapping, and owner representation in collaborations with outside consultants such as geotech, engineering, and more. 

We also provide curative title work, support to legal counsel, land rights analysis, minerals ownership, and operating interest reporting.

Looking to reduce your property’s environmental footprint? Let our experts guide you!