Ways to Make a Warehouse More Attractive to Leases

Author Ivan Smiljanic Read bio
Tags: warehouses
Date: October 14, 2020

The demand for warehouse space may not be at an all-time high, but it sure is pretty solid considering that other types of real estate are not as demanded. In addition to great interest, there are around 20,000 warehouse and storage spaces across the United States.

Even though there is a decent need for warehouse space, even in the time of pandemic, it is still very important to make warehouse space attractive. By converting (or amplifying) the creativeness and making the warehouse interesting, your chances of finding tenants, and retaining them, will increase fast.

Through our many years of experience, we’ve learned that sometimes simple tweaks here and there can make all the difference. Let’s talk more about trends that can help you make your warehouse space more attractive and appealing to potential leases.

Amenities have great power

Employees and building operators are the ones that ultimately take care of the warehouse space’s health, so you will have to take good care of them in order for everything to be mutually beneficial. One thing that can be highly desirable is the amenities that are available for employees. 

Some buildings will have food services on-site, or simply allow third party food providers on the premises such as food trucks, which will allow employees to have interesting choices for their meals throughout the year. We believe in the saying that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

Other interesting and highly appreciated amenities might be comfortable and cozy relaxation zones, with charging stations, furniture, television or Sony Playstation to keep the fun, while helping with productivity levels.

Technology is your best friend

Don’t run from technology, run towards it. Technology nowadays is a driving force behind many industries, and warehouse spaces are no exception. 

A good path you can take is to equip the warehouse space with an automated smart temperature control system or sign-in technology, you have many options available at your disposal, all of which will bring positive consequences. 

Tenants and leases will surely appreciate any tech-related gestures and features in the space.


Functionality of the space is crucial

When someone is interested in leasing your warehouse space, they are most likely expecting it (or at least hoping) to be as accessible and ready as possible. You will have to make sure your space exceeds those expectations and the functionality standards of the average leasee. 

Be sure to check everything. Take a look at the warehouse ceiling heights, building infrastructure and parking lot dimensions. If you find something that needs to be attended to, make sure you fix it before you lease the space.

Don’t forget about the exterior 

You will learn fast that some companies think that a plain warehouse is enough. Other companies, on the other hand, may want a great exterior of the warehouse. 

A modern design will make your warehouse stand out, and in some cases – it can be a deciding factor for a brand that wishes to increase awareness and visibility. So don’t forget to give the exterior of the warehouse some attention too.

We hope this has been helpful and gives you the right picture of improving your warehouse space and leasing it faster. Check out our other industrial and warehouse space-related blogs for more insight.