Building for Success: Commercial Construction That Sets You Apart

At IPG, we provide real estate and construction services aiming to turn our clients’ visions into reality. We have the expertise, experience and commitment to make sure your project is completed on time, within budget and with the highest quality standards.

From commercial offices to retail centers, medical labs to therapeutic centers and so much more, our services are designed with an intent of adding value to society. Whether it’s design-build planning or project scheduling that you need assistance in implementing or value engineering during a renovation service – we’ll help you come up with the best solution for your real estate needs.

Experienced Leaders You Can Trust

Our team of experts offers a diverse range of professional project solutions with the aim to bring each customer’s vision to life. From procurement, design and construction management all the way through completion – our commercial construction services are tailored to achieving your perfect results.

With decades of experience, Chris brings unparalleled professionalism and knowledge to each of his projects. His attention to detail and commitment to quality make him the perfect partner for any business who is looking for reliable and cost-effective construction services in the Bay Area.

With an industry leading team at your side, you can be sure that however complex the request, we have a solution. Our wide range of expertise is here to deliver for you no matter what real estate or construction project you have at hand.

More Than Just Bricks and Mortar: Full-service Construction Service

Real estate and construction are complex fields that require attention to detail and an eye for design. From the blueprint designs to task management, real estate development relies heavily on the expertise of a construction team. It is only through their skill, knowledge and experience that real estate projects can come to fruition.

In real estate development, even small miscalculations can mean dire consequences in terms of finances, reputation and customer satisfaction. Construction teams often have the difficult task of trying to meet client expectations while adhering to industry regulations and being mindful of resource consumption. The stakes are high but so too is the potential reward and satisfaction when a real estate project succeeds.

At the heart of our diverse project portfolio lies our innate ability to devise imaginative and tailor-made strategies for every endeavor. Our expertise in commercial construction revolves around delivering an array of exceptional services.

Precision, Quality, Reliability: Our Guarantee

Are you looking to take a commercial build project to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place! At IPG, we specialize in delivering excellence through our amazing commitment to detail and unwavering dedication. We’ll use our advanced processes and impeccable standards to help you achieve your goals seamlessly.

Contact us today and get started on creating the perfect commercial construction project.

Our Construction Services Include

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Build
  • Pre-Lease Services
  • Capital Improvement
  • Commercial Interior / Tenant Improvement
  • Corporate Facility
  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Life Science
  • Industrial / R&D
  • Seismic Retrofit
  • Building Renovation
  • Ground up Construction