Exploring the world and moving the boundaries in science is not nearly possible without proper laboratory facilities. IPG has a lot of knowledge and experience in finding a laboratory space suited for your team.

At IPG, we specialize in leasing and renting lab space throughout Europe, Asia, and America. We take the hassle out of having to build your own laboratory space – so science-based businesses and institutes can get up and running as soon as possible without any extra stress.

Every one of our lab spaces for rent is built to the highest standard with state-of-the-art equipment, while our team of experts provides you with industry knowledge and advice on related technology policies. Whether you are in need of lab leasing or have a specific lab rental space requirement, we provide a safe, secure environment for you to conduct your research and development activities.

Laboratory Space for Lease – Build to Suit Your Experts

IPG Group offers commercial lab space to rent in some of the most accommodating buildings in perfect spots. Set up a lab space that actually helps you perfect your research and development. Large manufacturing facilities are also available, with contemporary assets such as high-speed Internet access, building utilities, lab security controls, and on-site 24/7 property management.

The laboratory you choose now will act as a platform for improving your science by creating custom solutions based on the research you conduct. We will use data and creativity to optimize your laboratory footprints, allowing you to focus entirely on your innovation and research activities.

Lab Rental Space With the Amenities You Need

Scientists know that facilities that rent laboratory space must have impeccable ventilation systems, environmental controls, fume hoods, and other devices associated with such equipment in order to reduce accidents.

The experimental work should be viewed in the context of the entire laboratory, both for safety and efficiency. No matter if you’re looking for lab space rental or lease, it seems only natural that a primary amenity is suitable equipment. Here at IPG, our experts help find and obtain the best commercial lab space with amenities that will allow your scientists to work and grow with their discoveries.

Choosing Lab Space Shouldn’t Be an Experiment

If you consider lab rental space to be less attractive or suitable for your medical business, consider buying a property to set up your lab. For many lab tenants, buying rather than leasing may become more cost-effective in the long run.

While you probably know who the life science players are, that does not mean that the commercial lab space for rent they offer is right for your unique needs. Choosing the right realtor who can create synergies and accommodate your program is crucial. 

The IPG Life Science team can help select the right lab space solution because we know how to accommodate your needs, goals, and future impending expansion within a commercial lab space for lease or sale.

Lab Space Locations – Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded People

In terms of finding the right location for lab rental space, IPG has options for Life Science tenants where the rents are more reasonable. These properties are typically up-and-coming options in areas that are shedding their light and looking to redefine themselves for a new era of occupancy.

Such emerging locations present a true win/win, where landlords get the premium sought, and the Life Science firm gets the capacity, amenities, and expandability it needs. There is also the benefit of being surrounded by other like-minded organizations in a Life Science cluster, where chance encounters can make innovation blossom.

Why Hire IPG for Your Laboratory Space Project?

Instead of dealing with consultants who talk about the regulatory processes in your industry, we actually live it. We develop and lease laboratory spaces we believe in, and present them to you like products of the highest standards.

Strategic planning and placing yourself in the market can assure the growth of your goals. We listen carefully and provide in-depth analysis to understand the core of your business. IPG’s team of Laboratory space experts helps you assess your needs and plan ahead, in a cost-effective way.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

IPG Group focuses on developing and managing medical, industrial, and office buildings with shared tenancy, combining laboratories, research facilities, clean rooms, and many other highly controlled facilities. We have extensive knowledge gathered in innovative business sectors, such as food, life sciences, health, sustainable environment, biotechnology, and high-tech industry.

Our team is thoroughly familiar with the laboratory market requirements and related technical systems. We are acquainted with many types of laboratories and their possibilities of the various locations throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

IPG understands the unique challenges you face and the needs of your laboratory space, due to many years of working with life sciences companies. Our team works as one of yours, giving their best, in the optimal work environment. Schedule a chat with any of our Experts.