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IPG Innovation Studio

IPG’s Innovation StudioFOCUS offers our clients expansion and holdover space in the event our clients need a little extra space before or during their relocation. We are able to provide private office space, private laboratory space, meeting rooms and space or startup incubators in one of the best locations in San Francisco, at incredibly affordable rates.

FOCUS studio - startup incubator, private offices & coworking space

A place for Artists, Designers, Founders and Technologists.

A passion project lead by the Gasser Family Trust and Innovation Properties Group. IPG’s Innovation Studio – FOCUS, on the surface is a shared, private workspace environment. However, as current FOCUS members will tell you, it is fundamentally much more than that. FOCUS is a private members studio, designed to generously spawn creativity and collaboration between Artists, Designers, Founders and Technologists.

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Honoring a piece of history

Adolph Gasser, the owner and founder of Gasser Photography, was an absolute innovator in every sense of the word. One of the most paramount inventions by Mr. Gasser was the development of a photographic technology that was used in B-29 Bombers in World War II. His technology and equipment was able to capture clear images while in extreme cold elevations and in turn provided the Air Force with accurate mapping intel for strategic air strikes.

Throughout the years, Mr. Gasser maintained his technical passion and innovative spirit, designing The Big Eye sports camera, developed special enlarged photographs for Ansel Adams (one of his best friends) and also invented a state-of-the-art strobe unit used in an unopened Egyptian Pyramid.

Mr. Gasser discovered many technical breakthroughs throughout his career and his spirit of innovations truly felt by the members of the FOCUS family. It is truly a special place and we hope you stop by for a visit sometime.

FOCUS Innovation Studio Amenities

FOCUS private workspace has amenities that would please even the most demanding users.

Roof Deck

Vintage Brick

Exercise Area

Bike Storage

Secure Network

Newly renovated Landmark

Maker Space

Highly curated Art Installations

Fresh coffee from Pete's

Nap Loft

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