Dell Computers is a world leader in computer hardware and software, powering businesses and consumers in just about every market on the planet. IPG was contracted to act on Dell’s behalf to support one of their largest EU expansion efforts.

IPG Services Provided

  • European Competition Analysis
  • Infrastructure Analysis of Available Properties in Halle And Leipzig
  • Detailed Location Analysis of Existing Buildings and Available Land
  • Architectural Space Planning for All Choices and Options
  • Government, State, and Local Grants Negotiated
  • Ready-To-Go Space, Outfitted As Requested Within Four Months

Assignment & Process

  • Temporary to Permanent: Erich Struzyk of IPG was given a timeline of 12 to 15 months to find a suitable location for Dell to operate out of temporarily.
  • The ultimate objective, however, was to locate, develop, and build out what was to be their permanent location.
  • The temporary location had its own challenges, however, as it was located in a town without any infrastructure or immediately suitable buildings.
  • Once they were able to set up shop, we carried on with identification, site selection, and construction of a brand new facility with new infrastructure.

The Challenges


Uncharted territory


No experience or direct connections in the region


Deeply-entrenched East German workplace standards

One of the biggest challenges of this project is that we were in uncharted territory. Navigating the intricacies of a relatively undeveloped German real estate market was just the tip of the iceberg. We had no experience or direct connections in the region, so it was often a delicate process.

We first had to develop a relationship with the town government, the planning commission, the labor department, local real estate developers, brokers, and agents. We were representing the interests of the local Dell Management, the UK-based European head office, the US-based executives as well as the local workers union. The workers union posed a particular challenge due to the deeply entrenched East German workplace standards, which had been in place since the 1980s.

We negotiated diligently with all stakeholders to find common interests and benefits between them. These factions included DELL Corporate Executives, the local government—whose primary interest was in preserving its history and lifestyle—and several local landlords, agents, and brokers.

The Success


The project was concluded successfully and on agreed-upon timelines


No server downtime during the move


Erich was awarded an additional contract for the development

Under Erich’s leadership, we concluded the project successfully and on agreed-upon timelines without any server downtime during the move to Dell’s new temporary site in Halle.

On the heels of this success, Erich was awarded an additional contract for the development of a permanent location in Halle.

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