Client Overview

The Long Term Stock Exchange is an SEC-registered exchange for 21st-century companies, focusing on long-term growth and relationship building for publicly-traded companies.

IPG Services Leveraged

  • Office tenant rep for two locations experiencing multi-phase aggressive growth
  • Overall long-term growth projections (two-year analysis)

The Assignment

  • Through two class-A office moves, the IPG team surveyed an extensive list of office options with Long Term Stock Exchange, comparing each opportunity against the different submarkets of San Francisco.
  • IPG analyzed logistics, costs, corporate presence, and various other details of each option, filtering viable but very different decision-drivers.
  • Once we had shortlisted appropriate properties, we applied LTSE’s most important criteria and commenced negotiation with front runners as well as backups. Throughout the process, as we do with every IPG client, we consistently and transparently provided the executive team with all their options, pros and cons, so that they could make the most informed real estate decision possible.

Once a property was selected, IPGs in-house interior design team stepped up to prove that we could densify and optimize the office layout, leading various space-planning efforts and furniture programs to provide the best advantage.

This was quite helpful to the client’s planning activities as it showed them how many employees Long Term Stock Exchange could house using various floorplan strategies.

The Challenges


Explosive and unpredictable growth


The need to conserve capital


Protecting the client from real estate overage

The organization was experiencing explosive and unpredictable growth, challenging them to make a decision that would serve their needs well into the future. They needed to conserve capital, yet they also needed a space that was large enough to accommodate their growth.

Ultimately, we needed to protect the client from real estate overage as their rapid scale presented a significant risk if not sustainable.

The Success


Shorter deal terms, lending greater future flexibility and a better path to growth


Significant rent savings relative to market rates & maintained transportation hub for current and prospective employees


Offices that the team is proud of and that reflects LTSEs culture and brand

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