Ametek manufactures industrial electronic devices for analytical, testing and measurement solutions used by aerospace, defense, power systems and a wide diversity of niche markets. They were approaching the end of their lease and needed a strategy to obtain the best possible terms on renewal.

IPG Services Provided

  • Long-term lease renegotiation

The Assignment

  • Brian Klepacki of IPG worked to frame Ametek as a growth-oriented company positioned for expansion. This approach allowed us to negotiate for additional locations, moving the landlord to respond positively to Amtek’s request so they could maintain and enhance their long-term standing relationship.

The Challenges


Negotiating great renewal terms


Creating the right story


Pushing the limits to achieve the best possible results

Ametek had 20 months remaining on its lease. They needed to ensure that they were in an excellent position to negotiate renewal terms that would not skyrocket to current market value. Creating the right story was necessary to push the limits and achieve the best possible results.

The Success


Negotiating the lowest deal in the market


Remaining in place


Gaining enough bandwidth for expansion

Brian was able to negotiate the lowest deal in the market for Ametek, allowing them to remain in place, gain enough bandwidth for expansion, and avoid the downtime they would have experienced in the event they had to move.

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