Runway to Real Estate: Renata’s Unique Career Path

Author Ivan Smiljanic Read bio
Date: March 26, 2024

From strutting down the catwalk to sealing lucrative real estate deals, Renata’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. 

With an educational background from Harvard and Stanford, as well as obtaining valuable development experience in London and New York, Renata brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to her role as Senior Associate at IPG.

Renata’s career path took an unexpected turn while in London when she decided to transition from glamorous international couture houses to the fast-paced world of US commercial real estate.

During her time in the fashion industry, Renata perfected her communication, presentation, negotiation, and networking skills – all of which have proven invaluable in her role at IPG and in the representation of her clients.

“Modeling taught me how to present myself with absolute confidence and poise, whether I’m on the runway, touring a property, or in the office with my team,” Renata explains. Additionally, her background in development, investment and brokerage has equipped her with a keen eye for opportunities for her clients and provide them with strategic decision-making.

At IPG, Renata’s responsibilities as a Senior Associate involve site selection, investor relations, as well as guiding venture capitalist and founders successfully lease or purchase real estate, in the Bay Area and throughout the United States. “Every day is different, which keeps things exciting,” she says.

“I thrive on the excitement of connecting with exceptional individuals, especially here in the Bay Area, and delivering outstanding service while successfully managing their real estate needs.”

Despite the challenges of transitioning to a new industry, in a highly competitive market, Renata loves her new role at IPG. “Real estate is all about building relationships, finding creative solutions and doing excellent work for your clients and partners.” she notes.

Despite the challenges of transitioning to a new industry, in a highly competitive market, Renata loves her new role at IPG. “Real estate is all about building relationships, finding creative solutions and doing excellent work for your clients and partners.” she notes.

“Whether it’s assisting an investor in a blue-chip acquisition, guiding an owner through the process of value-engineering an asset or providing site selection for a start-up, my goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. By offering personalized service, current market analysis, and strategic insights, I’m committed to helping investors make informed decisions that align with their financial and operational objectives.”

When asked about her guidance for aspiring professionals, Renata emphasizes the importance of embracing change and seizing opportunities. “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone,” she shares. “We can only grow when we are stretched and challenged. We never know where new opportunities and relationships may lead us.”

As she progresses in her career, she humbly acknowledges the support of her colleagues. “The team here at IPG has been wonderfully welcoming and supportive,” she reflects. “It may sound cliché, but it genuinely feels like a family.”

In the future, Renata has her sights set on expanding her horizon within the real estate industry. “I would like to consult top business leaders on their real estate requirements, and work with investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to help them successfully grow”, she shares enthusiastically.

With her passion for fostering connections and driving growth, Renata is set to make a significant impact in our market, as she starts this new chapter in her career! Welcome to the team Renata!

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