The team at Ample is on a mission to accelerate the transition from gas-powered cars by providing an energy delivery system that can provide power in exactly the same way as gasoline does, only better. With their solution being powered 100% renewable resources they say it will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any other option out there today.

IPG Services Provided

Ample enlisted IPGs services to facilitate and support their fast multi-phase growth.

  • Site Selection
  • City Permitting Process
  • Construction Consulting
  • EHS Consulting

Our experts on this project

The Assignment

  • We offered Ample a scope of services that aligned with their vision. The process involved working closely together, including getting necessary approvals for the lease as well power upgrades options from city officials and crews on site during construction.
  • IPG’s expertise in power upgrades has allowed them to work with PG&E, increasing the company’s capacity by 800 amps 3 phase and strengthening the close relationship between Ample and IPG.
  • We always strive to provide our clients with all of the information they need in order to make an informed decision. In this case, we showed them every possible option and detailed what was good about each one so that their opinion would be as strong as possible when making the final choice.

The Challenges


Locating a building


City permits


Incentive financing requirements

IPG faced some difficulties when trying to find the perfect site, but thanks to our professional team we were able to locate it, along with all necessary city permits.

The Success


Working with PG&E to upgrade the building’s capacity to 800 amps


Facilitating a transaction that favors all parties involved


Working with the city of Brisbane to allow Lithium Storage

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