Wholesaling Houses – Why Women Are Great Real Estate Investors

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Date: March 24, 2022

Here we are at wholesaling

Wholesaling, especially women-led – is a newer term, and concept, when it comes to real estate investing. 

Originally, you might have heard of it as “flipping the contract.” When “flipping a contract” on a property, an investor can make tens of thousands of dollars. Instantly, falling in love with flipping contracts – or wholesaling, and making it your lifetime opportunity to build a prosperous career. Especially as a woman.

Since starting my real estate career, I worked as an agent in an office where the majority were men.

Of course, times have changed so much since then, and the CRE tides are picking up really well for the ladies, to concur some niches – especially the ones like wholesaling.

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Revealing Why Women Are Great Real Estate Investors

In this blog, I’ll try to explain why I simply believe that women are natural at real estate investing and why you also could be successful by tapping in some of the natural and innate traits unique to women.

Why I Think Women are “Naturals” For Wholesaling

Women are natural at wholesaling because they really listen and give their best to be “problem solvers”. 

They are born with the capacity to focus on your specific problem or concern, analyze the task at hand, and take action

Usually, women don’t let their egos get in the way. They can spot opportunities, but they will also be straightforward if something’s out of your reach.

Women’s Nurturing Nature Makes Them Good Partners For Work

Many successful real estate investors, who are women, have transitioned their careers from being teachers, nurses, or social workers. 

Wisdom and empathy are necessary for this business if you want to separate yourself from the masses of real estate investors. Statistics also show that women tend to have those innate qualities.

Women are Advocates Of Families (And Other Women)

Women wholesaling houses enjoy being in businesses because they see a bigger purpose other than just financial reward. 

Women in real estate are driven by accomplishment by helping not only their own families but members of their community, families with their own businesses, etc.

Women generally thrive in social endeavors such as networking, creating win-win situations and relationships, extending inclusivity to different social groups, etc.

Also, women in real estate don’t see other women as competition, but more like a sisterhood. They will go to a great extent to see other women succeed.

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How Is It That Women Wholesaling Houses Are THAT Good

Pay attention now!

This might as well serve you as a little brief on how to pursue a wholesaling career as a woman yourself.

The process of wholesaling houses becomes much easier and more enjoyable when combined with the innate qualities of women.

Here, as a first advice, I can only tell you to start imagining a better future for yourself. Don’t be afraid of it. Trust your gut feeling. Be willing to help, to listen, and to learn.

Create win-win situations. Combine all these qualities we’ve talked about, with a few tested processes I’ll reveal down below, and you’ll become unstoppable.

1. Women Can Choose the Right Area For Them To Thrive

That’s what you should do first.

Some markets are more saturated and competitive than others. Sellers can be very difficult to work with. 

That is why choosing the right area of CRE and tapping into the market behind the curve can definitely help you jumpstart your business as a wholesaling woman.

2. You Should Probably Start By Locating Off Market Properties

The secret to being really successful as a wholesaler, is to find off-market properties. The ones that are not listed by an agent (yet).

You could also start looking for the “don’t want-ers”. These are owners who are usually going through some life situation where they need to sell – but they simply refuse to do it.

3. Targeting Ready and Qualified Buyers

It’s a seller’s market. You as a wholesaler have the upper hand since you are dealing with sellers. You have the exclusivity of putting deals under contract – hence becoming an owner per contract.

Women are usually more selective when it comes to choosing the right, and qualified buyers.

4. Take “Advantage” Of Your Analytical Nature to Analyze Deals

There are a lot of misconceptions and wrong ways to analyze deals for wholesaling. The “rule of 70” is one of them. 

Don’t use it. Look at the true value of the property, market conditions in the area, and demand. By structuring the offer to the seller in a more dynamic way and tailored to the area, you will be able to do a lot more deals.

A few more tips for my future real estate colleagues…

It might seem redundant, but do not doubt yourself, your knowledge, your background, education – or anything that you think it’s an obstacle.

I cannot stress enough how many times I see investors freeze and never do this important step. Don’t put yourself in a corner. 

We at IPG know very well how hard and exhausting it can be to shift professions. You can check some of their stories – then and now.

Make sure you structure the right contracts, create a win-win situation, and follow your gut feeling. And, of course, check these few steps I’ve gone over just now.

If an owner is being too difficult, he/she does not resonate with you or a buyer is being too aggressive, walk away. It’s not worth it and it will create more problems in the long run.

Taking action combined with following your woman’s natural gifts and intuition is truly all it takes to become a successful real estate investor.