5 Things We Learned from the Most Inspiring & Successful Women in Real Estate

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Date: June 10, 2022

It’s no secret that men predominantly overlook the real estate market. While that is true, it is also true that many women have paved their path to success through real estate investing

As real estate investors, we can learn a lot from these top-notch women’s achievements and ladies leading the change.

This is one reason IPG has created a team for women investors to get connected. We know that the path to real estate investing success takes different turns for women. 

We took the best advice from our top female real estate professionals, like Lisa Stern

She offered many insights based on her knowledge and experience. The one message that rings true across all of our successful women investors is to not give up. There will be obstacles, but to be one of the best requires tenacity.

Think of this blog as some sort of a sneak peek into a roadmap for your journey to financial freedom through real estate investing.

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1. Real Estate is a Relationship Business

Women are natural relationship builders. This makes them perfect for real estate investing. Even if relationships don’t come naturally for you, real estate is also a skill that can be learned with practice.

The key is to get to know your people as individuals. By building connections you build trust. And trust closes deals.

Deals help you develop a deep network of industry professionals and move your business forward

Remember, the goal isn’t to use people! It’s to genuinely connect for the mutual benefit of all the participants in the “relationship”.

2. Always Look for the Potential in the People Around You

Real estate investing is also a team sport. No isolation has ever made a successful (real estate) business. Look at the people around you; in your network, workplace, or even at home. 

That unique potential can be everywhere.

Also, look for ways to delegate tasks to people with the skill set to complete the task more efficiently. Then, see how you can use your strengths to help them in return.

3. Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You

You will face challenges in every business. Obstacles are part of the process. But if you want success – you must learn to overcome setbacks.

In fact, try to look at them as learning opportunities. 

One benefit of real estate investing support networks, like the one you get in IPG, is sharing both successes and failures so that others can benefit.

Be Consistent! The key is to not give up!

4. Create a Business Plan

Business plans can still be very useful in a niche such as real estate. It is often essential to keep you focused on your effort and helps you put your strategy to work

A business plan is nothing more than a layout of what you are trying to accomplish and steps on how you will do it.

A good business plan covers marketing, financing, and the timeline for growth. In the long run, a business plan saves you time and effort.

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5. Don’t Be Scared of the Changes in the Industry

Technology is wildly changing the real estate industry. Especially after the pandemic. If you want to stay relevant and grow, you must embrace these changes. And all the ones to come.

Also, you NEED to stay on top of market trends

The real estate market is volatile, but knowledge is power! If you understand the trends, you can use that information to your advantage and withstand the test of time, as a good real estate investor.

Real estate investing offers a chance to develop independence and confidence.

At IPG, we’ve seen firsthand the success stories of many women real estate investors. We created a team that learns from each other and grows together. 

In IPG, our goal is to build a community of like-minded women. Join our network whether you are just starting out or want to continue to grow your business. We have a place at the table. Contact us today to start on your path to real estate investing success!