Tips for Expanding Your Dental Office Space

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Date: March 4, 2021

When it comes to expanding your dental office, the help of a professional dental broker means getting a great opportunity to showcase your practice in the best possible way, excluding the chance of missing something important.

At the end of the day, aesthetics is one of the central, key factors to dentistry success, so this visually-oriented and data-driven agent holds huge potential to demonstrate how you can return your patients’ smiles, and at the same time provide a bigger, better and more comfy place to work in.

Use the help from a dental agent

Real estate brokers for dentists can be a wildly valuable insight on how to maximize space for your practice. It all comes down to having the right research and strategies in place to get the results you want.

A dental agent is going to help with that, give you advice on how and where to start with the expansion, and set you up with proven strategies and types of real estate you should consider to keep your existing patients, attract new ones and build trust from your profile on your office chair.

Setting up the right team to take good care of your dental expansion or acquisition makes you well informed and one step closer to a good business decision. With the help of IPG’s financial advisors, legal experts, and lending partners, you’ll manage to take a weight off of your shoulders and be sure you’re clear on investments and returns.

Focus on Office Design and Decor

Interior design is an important factor that attracts people to your “product”, and because of this value, having a strong designing plan can help you expand and reach a social building, allowing you to connect with your patients. You want to think about the big picture, and what your patients will want and need to see when they visit your office.

Vibrant but also soothing colors will make them feel relaxed, and layouts, graphics, and posters will answer some of their daily-asked questions about their teeth and proper maintenance.

Dentists that have visually and esthetically pleasing common rooms, labs, and offices are more likely to attract and keep patients. These easily applicable assets give you a consistent, branded look that patients in need are naturally drawn to.

A comprehensive office design reduces patient anxiety, makes your practice recognizable, enhances perceptions about the quality of dental care you provide and makes the waiting period feel a bit pleasing.

By adding some adjustable sittings that enable your patients to make themselves comfortable, such as movable armrests, seating pads, footstools, and cushions you create a surrounding that makes your patients relaxed as they wait for their appointment.

A modern dentists office

Key Ways to Maximize Space

Open walkways can create a feeling of freedom and spaciousness that can benefit both patients and staff as well. This can be applied particularly to smaller dental offices. Just by eliminating doors, you’re allowing faster and better flow. Having tall ceilings makes a room feel much more comfortable and inviting, especially for those who are anticipated to have dental anxiety (and it will be those).

Another common way to take advantage of your space and expand is expanding outward – into a new property, usually the one closest to your office. For this kind of alterations and expansion ideas, you will most definitely need a legal expert’s advice

Large dental and real estate associations often provide resources and experienced members to help navigate through any legal issues or questions that may arise.

Consider Patient and Staff Flow

The staff-patient flow is a critical component of any management process in dental offices and all the other healthcare facilities. It involves the medical care, physical resources, and internal systems needed to get patients from the point of admission to the point of discharge while maintaining quality and mutual satisfaction.

Improving this “flow” encompasses quickly, efficiently, and effectively meeting the demand for care by moving patients through the care while improving coordination, safety, and outcomes. Among the strategies, experts suggest the optimization of dental office flow through four key factors:

  1. Establishing emergency protocols for triage, tests, and treatment to streamline patient handoffs.
  2. Smooth the effective scheduling throughout the week to help alleviate strain on different dental units and procedures.
  3. Increasing the rate of discharges and give more time to fill prescriptions and settle for incoming patients.
  4. Using patient flow software and data-gathering analysis to reduce the need for face-to-face consultations.

Take Your Time

Dentists can benefit immensely from a strong real estate agent presence, and since this niche can be even very valuable and accessible to many expansion options, it only makes sense to dive in boldly

The average time between when you start the expansion and seeing patients can vary from business to business, and considerably depending on whether you’re acquiring an existing practice, or remodeling a purchased or leased space. It is usually likely to take at least six to nine months before you assume the position (ownership) and start seeing patients.

Taking the time to get your dental office set up for success and to come up with a long-term expansion strategy will be key, however, willingness to invest more energy and resources into the early stages of the business development is a way of a long-term payoff.

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