Building Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio as a Female Investor

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Date: March 31, 2022

According to the National Association of Realtors, women brokers and real estate agents dominate the market. 

But – there is still much potential for us to make a major entrance into the more lucrative commercial market.

And how’s that done? Well, usually by diversifying your investment portfolio.

It is true that women have made a lot more progress in terms of property ownership, but research suggests that still only 30% of real estate investors in America are women.

This blog will tackle the potential of how you can build your real estate investing portfolio as a female investor, and position yourself to earn the “big bucks”.

What is a Real Estate Investment Portfolio?

Think of your real estate investing portfolio as your real estate resume. It is basically a track record of your past and present real estate deals. 

While it sounds simple, these kinds of portfolios can add value to your business. They establish your credibility

Success in real estate is much related to reputation. Honesty and reliability matter. As a female investor, your portfolio offers insight into your investment strategies, your knowledge of the business and ability to close a deal.

Check our portfolio to see what I’m talking about.

What You Need To Know: Your Empathy Is Your Asset

Most people will think of your job as a full-time real estate investor as wrangling properties like a cowboy: with fun walk-throughs, and checking out renovations.

It’s certainly my favorite part of the job, but the reality is that there are immensely long hours stuck behind a computer in the office. Every day. All day.

Also, women are usually underestimated by men in the field. From realtors to mortgage brokers to contractors. The vast majority of men are aggressive, focused, and like to ‘network’ like an old boy’s club of golfing and drinking.

But, there are two things to bear in mind.

First, you’re not hired to be a property manager. Or to serve notices. Or to swing hammers. 

Your job is to make the high level decisions that keep an entire portfolio running smoothly. To manage the dozens of trades, PM’s and individuals who make up our entire team.

Second – and probably the most important –  see your compassion and empathy as strengths, not weaknesses. When you know “your stuff” (your industry, your business, your pricing), you can stand firm while at the same time being polite and respecting your own growth and your portfolio building.

Showing your tenants, clients, and staff kindness and caring, doesn’t weaken your brand. In fact, it could be one of the tenets of your success. 

Show competitiveness and never back down from a challenge. Learn how to use your words wisely, and believe in playing fair.

Business woman in a black suit and white shirt working at her desk on a laptop with a cup of coffee to the side

How to Build a Real Estate Investment Portfolio

The first step to build your portfolio is knowledge. You need to deepen your knowledge of the many different types of real estate investment strategies, assets, etc.

A solid portfolio includes a variety of deals and terms: mix buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale, Cap, lease, etc.

Educate Yourself To Take Smart Risks

If financial education comes first, investing comes easy.

It is crucial to educate yourself in a variety of niches related to real estate. This will be your stronghold in taking smart risks.

I have now achieved a level of success that very few women have gained in my industry, but I’m hoping to change that.

I’ve mentored and helped many women in real estate investing, so hopefully IPG soon will become commonplace to see women at the top of the real estate investing world.

What to Include in Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio

I know that for new investors,  building your real estate portfolio may feel intimidating because they have “only” a few deals to offer. 

Don’t let intimidation stifle you! Instead, present what you have in the most professional and useful way.

If you have a mix of rental properties and wholesale deals, a good idea would be to highlight your desire for passive, long-term income, with the benefits of short-term gains.

Highlighting specific business goals serves for securing funding and providing those specific partnerships.

As a female investor, your real estate investing portfolio is a foundation tool for your business. A sort of a marketing tool. Don’t skimp on details, and take the time to build a strong representation of your business.

For me, details are kind of a calling, I’ve just pointed my interest towards a specific niche in real estate. I graduated with a degree in marketing, and for the past eight years, I’ve held a management and customer service role within the luxury sales niche. 

Another good way to gain confidence and knowledge to build a solid base for your business is with the right training and network.

Joining IPG, provided a vast knowledge of the San Francisco Market and gave me the opportunity to help tech start-ups – and women – find not only new homes, but also hope for their businesses.

That’s how  WIN – Women Innovation Network – was founded. This is our group of dedicated and savvy women who are devoted to bringing women-owned and operated businesses to the next level.

At IPG, our community of likeminded men and women support each other by offering advice and experiences.

Contact us today to join! In the meantime – start thinking about what you have already done, and what is it that you can do to improve your business, and set it up to the stratosphere.