Edge Computing and the Commercial Real Estate Industry

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Date: November 28, 2022

Over the years, developments in the real estate business have benefited people physically and financially, and technology has only proven to enhance those benefits.

As technology evolves, new and innovative ways of doing things are born. Edge computing is one such innovation, and it has the potential to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry.

Edge computing refers to data processing power at the edge of a network, as opposed to in the cloud or a central data warehouse. Edge computing makes it possible to process data as near to the source as possible, which speeds up data processing and improves user experiences.

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What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a revolutionary concept that, if defined technically, translates to a distributed information technology (IT) system in which customer data is evaluated as near as possible to the network’s edge at the source of the data. 

It relocates a portion of the storage and computing capacity away from the main data center and toward the actual data source. Processing and analysis of raw data are done locally rather than being sent to a central data center where the data is stored. History shows us that edge computing is not entirely new. 

Since the 1970s, embedded systems have supported remote devices. In the modern world, edge computing is seen as a logical progression of cloud computing or as a requirement for overcoming the difficulties associated with IoT-cloud systems.

Application to Commercial Real Estate

Building and property managers benefit from a variety of new options brought by edge computing. It can help reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to run deployments for smart buildings. Due to the possibility that people using the building or campus may require specialized apps or information, the technology is suited to support in-building and campus networks.

Edge computing presents a new potential for aspiring building and property managers. When an edge computing-based in-building network is combined with data analytics, content, and information, it can improve connection, give the property a competitive advantage, and increase tenant satisfaction. 

Following are some of the key points indicating the significance of Edge Computing in Commercial Real Estate:

  • Faster Information Accessibility: Instead of being stored in a centralized location, data is placed closer to the devices that are using it. This guarantees that real-time data utilization won’t degrade the efficiency of an edge application. 
  • Security Provision: Commercial real estate dealing often deals with sensitive information. Therefore, security systems operate more effectively using edge computing while using less bandwidth. Security camera data is routinely gathered and transmitted to the cloud for storage. Each gadget can now have an inbuilt computer that can send video to the cloud as needed, thanks to edge computing.
  • Financially Feasible Implementation: Edge computing facilitates data collection, so decision-making does not require a centralized server. Due to the information requiring less storage, this lowers operational costs.

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