Why are creative spaces on the rise of popularity?

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Date: February 7, 2020

When setting up an office space, you may not think about how the design affects people right away. As long as employees have a place to work, they can get their job done, right?


It’s time to rethink that point of view. As it turns out, poor office design impacts the psychology and creativity of employees tremendously. Giving someone a desk, chair and computer won’t bring out the very best in them. Luckily for you and your company, a few design modifications can boost productivity and creativity significantly, and make your company successful along the way.

But there is much more to it.

Why are creative spaces needed?

When do you feel the most creative? Can you be expected to collaborate efficiently and have new ideas if you are in a noisy environment, where you are constantly interrupted or you don’t have the right tools to conduct your ideas, get inspired or share them easily.

Being in a creative environment that doesn’t support that process is quite a difficult task. On the other hand, imagine yourself in a creative space – your ideas would flow and arise naturally and you would be eager to share and act on them. 

Creative spaces enhance imagination

Open spaces are one of the hallmarks of creative workplaces. Less clutter in the environment means fewer distractions for the unconscious mind, putting employees into the highly sought after flow state, which improves their output. 

Don’t forget about the comfy furniture. The idea is that physical comfort translates into satisfaction with the work environment, creating positive associations in employees’ minds about their role in the company. 

The decor in creative offices helps with imagination enhancement. The more colorful and cheerful the artwork is on the walls or the furniture, the more ideas employees seem to have. Red and green tones appear to be the best for putting them in a creative mood.

They increase productivity

Creative spaces increase productivity through many channels. The first one is Motivation. Instead of putting employees in separate offices, bringing them together to work in a shared space is the essence of the creative office. The idea behind it is to make it easy for everyone to approach each other and solve problems together. Teams working together on different projects can complete tasks faster than individuals working separately.

Motivational artwork is the second channel. Beautiful designs on the wall may unconsciously encourage people to work harder and get tasks done faster. For creative employees, it fosters greater inspiration and motivation.

Creative spaces keep things exciting

Let’s put it this way – your employees are using the same office space every day. If your current workplace is lifeless and dull, then it can begin to grate soon. Most employees want visual excitement in the office: they don’t want to stare at a bland wall 40 a week.

Creative offices keep things exciting for the employees, adding fresh elements regularly. Some companies like to periodically change the plants, snacks, and artwork. This helps with emphasizing the comfortable areas where employees can go to relax and unwind.

Reflects your work

Your office reflects, or at least should, your work ethic. An aesthetically pleasing and fun office not only has benefits for your employees but also clients who come to your office. The layout of the office and its ability to produce and nurture creativity speaks volumes about your company’s values. Consistency in what you put and portray helps with establishing the company’s credibility as a creative environment that produces some high-quality work.

In this modern era of innovative businesses, the creative office design has produced countless benefits and fascinating features. Since we spend many hours at work, it only makes sense that we would want to make that time enjoyable.