ONDA – A Place for Nomads to Work & Experience Life

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Date: June 15, 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a solution to host users looking for the ideal spaces for coworking, exercising, or just enjoying life, regardless of the environment or niche?

ONDA is a platform made according to industry standards, highly scalable and reliable, offering an agile, innovative, and affordable way to match any user’s needs for good-quality accommodation of any kind. 

ONDA is fully based on market standards, providing an easy-to-use platform that works online and offline, for a seriously competitive monthly fee.

The ONDA platform allows you to instantly obtain access to the appropriate areas for work, exercise, or leisure, eliminating the need to make and track access cards and physical keys. Save time and resources with this leading platform, manage and scale your workspace.

Why Should You Integrate With ONDA?

By integrating with ONDA, you can gain a passport to different ONDA places, around the globe. When members check into a facility using ONDA, the app will automatically grant them access to any area they wish to spend their time in.

The Power and Flexibility Your Organization Needs

ONDA brings together everything that’s required to handle the scheduling of any space, large or small. A booking platform with a strong focus on performance, reliability, security, integrations, and support. Reduce administration with self-service bookings.

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Benefits From Integrating With ONDA

As a member of a carefully selected patron program, a subscriber is granted an automatic membership and access to all the spaces in the database.

ONDA seamlessly connects you with all of the members of the community, to resources, and services that your job, or vacation, need.

ONDA Transforms Your Workplace and Connects You With the Community

Reimagine your coworking space as smart and connected. Enable flexibility with smart space management and plans.

Focus on What Matters, and Not Space Logistics

ONDA is a platform for YOUR people. It is optimized to be the new favorite product of young, working people. Smart, simple, easy to use, mobile-friendly, and accessible from anywhere.

ONDA removes the hassle of manually managing, booking, and scheduling your spaces. This is the perfect platform to book your rooms, desks, studios, labs, courts, and more.

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From Peru to Miami – an ONDA Nomad Has an Office Everywhere

The way we work has fundamentally changed, with virtual meetings and remote positions taking their place in the post-COVID-19 time. Now people need to regain their work-life balance and separate home from the office.

Workers are now thriving in their professional lives, using tools like ONDA and getting used to the new normal. ONDA helps you with the sense of having a routine again (and we all know how hard it can be to work from home all the time).

Every office in any corner of the world offers a unique feeling, and ONDA users are able to experience all those differences.

In addition to having a place to think and do the work, being back in an office, especially in a new city in a new country, leads to expanding your social and professional circles.