Green Real Estate: What it is and How it Can Benefit Investors

Author Lynsey Dyer Read bio
Tags: sustainability
Date: April 16, 2023

As the pursuit for sustainability and ecological conservation gains momentum, innovation in the real estate sector is becoming increasingly necessary. 

Investing in green real estate can be an excellent way to make a significant contribution towards environmental responsibility while also growing their financial security. 

In this post we explore green real estate: what it is and how it can benefit investors of all levels – from small-scale private investments to large commercial opportunities.

What is Green Real Estate and What Are its Benefits?

Green real estate is a cutting-edge concept with a novel approach that resonates well with the environment-conscious individuals of today. With its mission to create an ecosystem for smart, healthy, and sustainable real estate developments in the region, green real estate is bridging the gap between the normally disconnected stakeholders of the value chain. 

The benefits of being involved in green real estate are plenty, ranging from reduced carbon footprint and energy efficiency to increased health and wellbeing of occupants.

How Green Real Estate Can Impact the Environment

Innovative thinking is required to meet the challenges of creating environmentally responsible real estate. The impact that buildings have on our planet cannot be understated. 

With up to 70% of total carbon emissions in cities attributable to the built environment, it is critical that we find ways to create more sustainable structures. The benefits of green real estate go well beyond environmental concerns. 

By reducing carbon emissions, we can also improve air quality, which can reduce chronic diseases and improve the health of those living in proximity to these structures.

Strategies to Make Your Building More Eco-Friendly

It’s time to unplug from old habits and embrace innovative strategies to make your building more eco-friendly.

One of the smartest approaches is to prioritize lighting and energy usage. Installing LED bulbs and motion sensors can save energy and reduce costs.

Another essential way to boost your green footprint is to reduce your building’s water consumption. From low-flow plumbing fixtures to drought-resistant landscaping, there are many ways to conserve water.

Don’t forget to leverage a strong preventative maintenance plan to keep your building energy-efficient and in excellent condition. For effective and eco-friendly cleaning, consider using green cleaning alternatives.

Finally, utilizing energy-saving electrical sockets is an easy way to cut back on unnecessary energy waste. With these strategies, your building can become an innovative leader in eco-friendly practices.

Considerations When Investing in Green Real Estate

Green real estate investing is not just a social responsibility; it’s a smart financial move. 

Sustainable buildings are not only better for the environment, but they also tend to have higher market values. A focus on sustainability enhances a building’s appeal to tenants, increasing its long-term value. With the increasing demand for sustainability in the real estate industry, finding sustainable solutions for new buildings is becoming more important than ever

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in green buildings and do your part in creating a more environmentally-conscious future.

The Potential Returns of Going Green with Your Investments

While the ultimate goal of investing is always to turn a profit, with green investments, you also get the added benefit of contributing to sustainable behavior change and funding environmental technologies. 

Studies have shown that investing in green companies can actually yield a higher profit than traditional investment avenues, with expert investors now devoting over 40% of their portfolio to sustainable investments and expecting an annual return of 10.9%. 

So why not consider going green with your investments? It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the planet. Contact us to learn more about our sustainable real estate options and start building a brighter, greener tomorrow for generations to come.