Life Sciences Headquarter Planning 101

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Tags: life science
Date: January 22, 2021

The capability to build up your organization’s reputation and attract partners to help you advance your research while promoting new-age programs or initiatives – is vital to the success of life science research programs. 

The opportunity to make an impact on the medical and other scientific development landscape and improve people’s lives is significant, as long as you start with the right place to do the research in – and gather the data and the people. 

Carefully planned life science headquarters provides you with insights necessary to strategically adapt your research and find an adequate partner to make a difference with competitive intelligence and deal.

Accelerate your research with tools, insights, and technology using the IPG’s life science intelligence solutions and site selection. We facilitate the best experts of real estate to enable precise, actionable solutions to your specific needs, supporting more effective, efficient early discovery.

Real estate requirements for life sciences companies

Finding the perfect real estate solution for your life science business is a technically complex but much-needed factor for capital intensification. A typical real estate service provider’s principal focus is an office or warehouse space

On-time market recognition and funding are the crucial factors that can drive the innovation of your business to succeed, new product launches. In turn, you require laboratories, plants, and manufacturing facilities.

IPG specialists understand the life cycle of the product you are dealing with, as well as the technical complexities that can create significant budgetary and schedule risk. 

We’ve successfully addressed the risks that real estate decisions can make throughout all phases of research, and across all technical aspects of planning, designing, leasing, and selling any type of life science space.

A Building Block For The Operational Foundation Of A Life Sciences Firm

Strong practice in supporting start-up companies, especially those arbitrating in life science is a building of a strong operational foundation – for the initial launch and the longer-term future.

Typically, the management focus is on product development, clinical trials, market access, pricing strategy, or/and early access programs – but this is only half of the story. 

In this segment, IPG provides our clients with a strong end to the supply chain, required for future success, a clear distribution strategy as well as entirely thought-through location strategies, for local and international offices.

Modern office spaces, headquarter

Location strategy

Life science companies typically have their representatives in different locations around the world. Personal preferences and perceptions are prominent, however often based on outdated and biased information. Even if the regional offices initially are only small, still a fact-based location decision is key

Advance Your Research With Data Access And Intelligible Tools

IPG Life Science sector enables you to access biology, chemistry, and pharmacology data – all in one place. We offer a solution built by scientists, and for scientists to strengthen and refine your searches with fully integrated information on companies and research institutes in order to acquire partners and competitiveness.

Access to advanced data and logistics can help you maximize your return on investments, all through a wide spectrum of advisory services such as bioinformatics, design, custom analytics, and real estate support from our team.

Understand Your Position In The Life Science Landscape

The life sciences industry is facing many challenges, more than ever. The market is sustained by high complexity financing, accessibility, wide-range pricing, and multiple regulatory facts one man can not understand by himself.

The competitive landscape is also made of generic, scattered landscapes of smaller start-up companies, not only the big conglomerates, increasing the pressure on costs, clients, and partners.

Track your market success and drive the development with a thorough understanding of where the innovation is happening. We help you to better understand where your assets currently reside, and how to engage strategically with industry partners.

Through all of these fully-integrated processes, our team enables you to develop innovative strategies with trustworthy budgets and agendas at early transaction stages, providing customers with specific facts needed to make more fully-informed decisions.