AAT Bioquest has consistently pushed the boundaries of assay technology for over a decade. Their integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to research brings together varied fields such as chemistry, biology and informatics to develop cutting-edge photometric probes that utilize colorimetric, fluorimetric and luminescent technologies.

Through their forward thinking solutions, the company strives to tackle some of the toughest obstacles in life science research, diagnostic R&D and drug discovery today.

IPG Services Provided

The client relied on IPG’s services to facilitate and support their multi-phase growth.

  • Full marketing campaign
  • Market research and exposure
  • Project management
  • Development advisory services

Our experts on this project

The Assignment

  • Our team worked diligently to ensure that AAT Bioquest had maximum exposure and impact within the market. Our comprehensive marketing campaign reached out to institutional investors, local investors, as well as developers for more direct engagement.
  • Despite challenging economic times, we were able to negotiate an agreement on a 17,000 sqft building with thorough analysis of costs and logistics associated with various San Francisco buildings in the life science sector.
  • Our mission is always to deliver meaningful insights so clients may confidently make sound decisions with peace of mind.

The Challenges


Rising interest rates


Unstable market conditions


Tough sale process

Amidst a turbulent market, our client sought out space with caution. Interest rates had risen and public markets were taking a hit – resulting in an uncertain sales environment.

The Success


Overcoming shaky market conditions


Connecting with key institutional investors


Securing the best deal for client

Our team worked hard to ensure that AAT Bioquest achieved maximum visibility and targeted outreach within the market. We crafted a full marketing campaign, connecting with key institutional investors, local stakeholders, as well as developers for more direct engagement.

We provided an extensive review of the costs and logistics associated with various high-end life science San Francisco buildings, ultimately leading to a secure agreement on a 17000 sq ft building despite uncertain economic conditions.

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